In the middle of a busy conference day coffee breaks will offer you refreshment. You may choose a completed coffee break or put together a snacks and beverages of your choice.

Coffee break A - 4,00 eur

Coffee, tea
Flavoured water
Whole grain bread with ham and egg and bacon cream  
Apple pie

Coffee break B - 4,00 eur

Coffee, tea
Flavoured water
Mini croissant with salmon
Estonian kama and redcurrant smoothie  

Coffee break C - 4,00 eur

Coffee, tea
Flavoured water
Fruit snacks
Crispy chocolate-covered cookies

Coffe break "Strand Deluxe" - 5,50 eur

Coffee, tea
Flavoured water
Egg and bacon cream on fresh cucumber
Toast with tiger prawn and lemon cream
Fruit snacks
White chocolate panna cotta with strawberry sauce

You can also add to your coffee break:

  • Vegetable snacks with avocado dip €1
  • Mozzarella and cherry tomato snack €1
  • Three-cheese stick €1.3
  • Chanterelle mushroom Napoleon €2
  • Bruschetta with smoked tongue and cranberry salsa €1.2
  • Mini croissant with beef ham/salmon €1.2
  • Non-sweet pie / sweet pastry selected by our pastry chefs €1
  • Sandwich cake slice (fish or meat) €1.5
  • Strand muffin (non-sweet/sweet) €1.2
  • Cocktail salad “Strand” €2
  • Fruit snacks €1
  • Estonian kama and redcurrant smoothie €2
  • Strand mini cake €1.5
  • Chocolate kringle Alice €1.5
  • Panna cotta with strawberry sauce €2.4
  • Crispy chocolate-covered cookies €1.2
  • Hand-made truffles €1.2           
  • Coffee, tea €1.5
  • Juice selection (25cl – apple, orange) €1.8
  • Vichy (33cl) €1.8


* Please advise us at least 48 hours before serving starts if the number of participants changes. 
* Prices include VAT.

The hotel reserves the right to make changes to the price list.