The restaurant has a varied selection of summery salads

It often happens that in the hot summer weather you really don’t feel like eating. At the same time, thinking about a fresh and juicy salad really makes your mouth water. Strand restaurant offers several summery salads that have been hits before or will likely become one this season. We have a refreshing Santorini salad, a classic Caesar salad, a traditional Olivier salad and a crunchy prawn salad.

Reconstruction of lashes and brows using the “VELVET” method

New procedure “VELVET” for beautiful lashes and brows!

Eyebrows & eyelashes 75 min 60 €
Eyelashes 45 min 40 €
Eyebrows 25 min 30 €

Innovative beauty-gurus already know all about the new lash and brow procedure “VELVET”.

As a result of the procedure, you get:

  • Beautifully curled lashes
  • Perfect brow shape
  • Lasting pigment on lashes and brows
  • Long and strong lashes

Within just a few weeks the clients’ lashes and brows become longer and thicker.

Post-procedure comments - The lashes and brows have pigment and a healthy glow. The hairs are dark, voluminous, curled from the root and look polished. The client is given professional products for using at home to stimulate lash and brow growth and to extend the procedure results. Compared to other lash and brow procedures, the results do not disappear in 3-4 weeks, vice versa, the lash and brow hairs become even thicker and longer.

The best gift is the Strand Hotel gift card!

Would you like to give your loved ones a chance to step out from the daily routine. It is possible at Strand! Time will stop and stress will disappear like magic. We offer gift cards based on the sum, package, department or a specific service. Ask for an offer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Discount on Sundays

Extend your weekend and come to Pärnu.

Throughout the year we have exceptionally low rates for accommodation on Sundays.

Autumn conference packages at an affordable price

We have two seminar packages especially for this purpose to support your idea flow. Seminar package with accommodation and a one-day seminar package. Strand has all the tools and experience to offer the best solutions for its clients. We have eight halls in different sizes that can cater to any event. Strand houses everything necessary - work, relaxation, entertainment, tasty food, spa pleasures, sports and good sleep.

Conference packages are here.

What to do in Pärnu? Take a look!