Winter package with dinner

In the first months of the new year we invite everyone to enjoy the seaside winter in Pärnu. We have prepared a wintery accommodation package perfect for the chilly days that includes a two-course dinner popular among gourmands.

Winter package is here.

The best gift is the Strand Hotel gift card!

Would you like to give your loved ones a chance to step out from the daily routine. It is possible at Strand! Time will stop and stress will disappear like magic. We offer gift cards based on the sum, package, department or a specific service. Ask for an offer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wintery special menu at the restaurant

The wintery special menu with its rich character and savoury side notes compete with the freezing temperatures and winds greeting us outside on the daily. The menu for the cold months consists of all the raw materials familiar to Estonians such as smoked cheese, pork fore hock, sauerkraut and cranberry, with added highlights from different European cuisines like pesto, cider gravy and cream cheese. Exciting European flavours at the Strand Hotel restaurant!

Three course dinner € 22

smoked cheese, shrimp, green pesto

mustardy pork fore hock, potato gratin, butternut, sauerkraut stew, cider gravy

cream cheese, gingerbread, cranberry

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Discount on Sundays

Extend your weekend and come to Pärnu.

Throughout the year we have exceptionally low rates for accommodation on Sundays.

Seminar packages at great prices

January is the time to draw conclusions with the team and make plans for the new year. We have two seminar packages especially for this purpose to support your idea flow. Seminar package with accommodation and a one-day seminar package. Strand has all the tools and experience to offer the best solutions for its clients. We have eight halls in different sizes that can cater to any event. Strand houses everything necessary - work, relaxation, entertainment, tasty food, spa pleasures, sports and good sleep.

Conference packages are here

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