Classic massage with natural massage oil 30 minutes 32 €, 55 minutes 41 €

The purpose of classic massage is to influence muscles, blood supply and lymphatic circulation in a therapeutic manner. Massage relaxes and softens muscles and also improves the elasticity of skin. Massage is an excellent tool in combating tiredness. According to the wishes and needs of the client, the massage will be performed on the full body or only on the problematic areas - back, shoulders, neck, hands, legs. Grape seed oil helps to firm the stressed-out and flabby skin, moisturises efficiently and contains vitamins C and E.

Shoulder, neck and back massage with natural massage oil 40 minutes 36 €

Massage improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system, eases muscle tension and alleviates stress. Massage has a relaxing effect in case of mental and physical excess stress. Massages focuses on the back, neck, hands and the shoulder area.

Light foot massage 20 minutes 30 €

The massage that is mainly performed on the foot has a relaxing and pleasant effect. Helps to relieve tension and relieve stress. In case of cold hands and feet quickly improves blood circulation.

Pressure point massage - acupressure for feet 40 minutes 38 €

This foot massage that balances the whole body is based on foot reflexology charts used in Chinese folk medicine. Affecting of areas on the soles of the feet bears on the whole body; this method is well-suited to combat stress and alleviate a number of ailments. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Aromatherapy massage with natural massage oil 55 minutes 45 €

Aromatherapy massage offers true pampering for the body. Skilful selection of aromatherapy oils and the massage relieves muscle tension, sleep disorders, fluctuation of blood pressure, menopausal complaints, reduces stress and lifts the mood. The massage is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Honey massage 30 minutes 34 €, 55 minutes 45 €

Honey massage improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension which is caused by the accumulation of toxins. Honey binds toxins and boosts their excretion from the body through blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the functions of subcutaneous tissue and blood supply.
Massage is effective in case of a cold - cough- , neuralgia and joint pain and stress. Honey massage helps to fight effectively against cellulite and cleans the skin pores. The massage is not suitable for pregnant women, people with very sensitive skin and people allergic to honey.

Shea butter full body massage for extra dry and sensitive skin 55 minutes 45 €

Shea is a butter extracted from an exotic shea tree growing in West Africa. We recommend the massage primarily in case of dry skin as the treatment efficiently moisturises and nourishes dry skin.

Lava stone massage - Indian ritual 55 minutes 49 €

Lava stone massage is a therapeutic art based on oriental teachings to achieve the balance of body and soul. The relaxing stone massage is made with special polished lava stones and semi-precious stones that exude warmth and convey positive energy. Lava stone massage reduces muscle tension, dilates blood vessels, regulates digestive, metabolic and hormonal systems. The massage is not suitable for pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes.

The hotel reserves the right to make changes to the price list.