Manicure 45-60 min 27-33 €

Manicure includes treating hands, light massage, nail polishing if requested.

Spa manicure with deeply moisturising mask 75 minutes 37 €

The treatment consists of hand exfoliation, manicure, mask and massage. If requested, nails are polished.

Pedicure 45-60 min 33-39 €

Pedicure includes treating feet, light massage, nail polishing if requested.

Spa pedicure with deeply moisturising mask 90 minutes 50 €

Treatment consists of moisturising and nourishing foot bath, exfoliation, pedicure, light foot massage and volcanic clay mask that releases toxins. If requested, toe nails are polished.

Warm paraffin hand treatment with orange and peach paraffin 20 minutes 15 €

Warm orange and peach paraffin is deeply moisturising. Warm paraffin treatment gives the best result protecting dry hands and hands sensitive to cold from external factors. Hands are covered with warm orange and peach paraffin and terry mittens. The treatment makes the skin smooth and soft.

Paraffin treatment of feet with tea tree oil paraffin mask 20 minutes 15 €

Tea tree oil has a refreshing and antiseptic effect. After the treatment the feet are refreshed and smooth. Improves the blood circulation of feet and is very suitable for cold feet.

Treatment for tired feet 40 minutes 37 €

Treatment begins with feet exfoliation, after which legs and ankles are covered with a cooling cream wrap. The wrap relives tired and aching feet, stimulates blood circulation and reduces swelling. Treatment ends with a relaxing foot massage

Gel polishing 

Orly’s permanent polish makes nails stronger, more elastic and protects them from external factors. Treatment does not include manicure.

Nail polishing 8 €  

Nail polishing in addition to manicure and pedicure 5 €

Gel polish manicure 33-38 €

Gel polish pedicure 43-50 €

Rebalance of gel polish - manicure -  30-35 €

Rebalance of gel polish - pedicure - 41-48 €

Gel polish removal 5 €

Gel polish of 1 nail 3 €

Special pedicure for problematic feet 2 h 50 €
(thickened toenails, deeply cracked skin, nail fungus, foot fungus)

NB! The treatments with paraffin mask are contraindicated in case of acute traumas, inflammatory skin diseases, skin injuries, peripheral vascular diseases and sensitivity problems in extremities.

The hotel reserves the right to make changes to the price list.