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How is parking organised?

Parking is free in the hotel car park! Our car park fits 150 cars.

How to select equipment for my event?

Equipment is an integral part to any event. Often, the basic equipment in the halls is not enough. These aspects should be thought through beforehand and any additional equipment should be ordered from the hotel, if necessary.
We recommend:
- take a look at which equipment comes with the room rent price;
- define the need for video conference/broadcast, filming, technical support and other equipment;
- define the necessary equipment and rooms for the interpreters;
- before the event starts, make sure the equipment works and show the people hosting the event how to use the equipment. 

Is data/screen included in the price?

Yes, the necessary presentation equipment is included in the price.

Is technical support included in the price?/Is there someone who can help connecting the computer?

The hall rent price covers that the hall is technically prepared for the beginning of the event, i.e. our technician will help set up the equipment. Upon request, for an additional fee, we offer technical support for the duration of the entire event.

Does the hall rent price include VAT?

Yes, the hall rent price includes VAT and it is the final price for the client.

How to choose the right room for my event?

Think about:
- the sizes of the rooms and the purpose (a seminar, gala dinner, etc.);
- number of rooms/need for group work;
- placement of chairs/tables (room style);
- need for decorations (to accentuate formality/the character of the event).
IMPORTANT: If you would like to change the layout in the room during the day, additional fee is added.

For how long can I use the room?

The daytime rent price includes using the room for up to 8 hours according to the hours requested by the client. In case of evening events, the hall can be used until 01.00.

What to keep in mind when ordering dishes?

Tasty food and nice drinks are a part of every gathering and play a great role in ensuring a successful event. Good food provides the guests with energy and a positive feeling for the entire event.
We recommend considering:
- number of dining places (incl. coffee breaks) and hours;
- do you require dining in the form of a buffet, banquet or in groups;
- wine and other drink requests with the menu selection;
- food and drink selection for coffee break;
- need for special menus (food allergies/special diets);
- take rest and coffee breaks in every 1.5 h;
- in case of a formal and important event, have a menu tasting beforehand;
- in case of formal and thematic event, order thematic decorations for tables/rooms.

Where is dining organised?

Depending on the size of the event the coffee breaks can be served in the room or next to the room in the corridor, or also one floor below in the special coffee break room (the seminar rooms are on the third floor). Lunch and dinner are usually served at the restaurant, but if you require more privacy then lunch and dinner can also be organised in the Lahe or Jurmala hall. In this case, room rent is added.

When do I need to provide the final number of participants?

For dining, we need the final number of participants provided at the latest 2 working days before the beginning of the event.

What are the important points when organising an event with accommodation?

Accommodation options with conference centre make the experience better both for the organisers and the participants, because this way different services are combined under one roof.
We recommend:
- think about which room types you need (single, twin, rooms with double or twin beds, suites);
- book the necessary rooms on time, observe the hotel’s deadlines for cancellation and sending in the guestlists;
- think about who books the accommodation – the organiser or the participant;
- consider the option to have the individual bookings of the participants made via the direct hotel contact. 

When is check-in and check-out?

Check-in starts at 15.00, check-out is until 12.00. Depending on the number of bookings, special arrangements are possible.

When is the breakfast buffet included in the accommodation price served?

Breakfast is served Mon-Fri 7.00–10.00 | Sat, Sun 7.00–11.00

How do the seasons affect organising events?

Seasons are something to definitely keep in mind. During summer holidays, it is more difficult to obtain vacant rooms, while during the conference seasons (autumn, winter, spring), it is difficult to find free conference rooms. In case of larger events, we recommend booking the necessary rooms and halls as early as possible.