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Kertu Kekk
Estonian Private Forest Union
Environmental Advisor

We were very happy in terms of services provided! Food was delicious, service was professional and really friendly, and facilities were comfortable and well kept.
We would like to extend a special thank you to the restaurant and bar staff that stayed with our party after dinner. As 11 pm arrived more than quickly, we kept them for a bit longer. The young ladies nevertheless kept a smile on their face.
Thank you as well very much – you never failed to answer our questions and respond to changes really quickly and informatively. :)

Pirjo Voogla
Estonian Midwives Association
Management Board Member

Thank you so much for yesterday, we had an awesome time. Having our event at your facilities has by now become a matter of great convenience and familiarity; everything is always perfectly prepared and we always have anything we might need.
A great thank you to catering: we received a lot of compliments on the delicious food and excellent selection - amazing.
We would also like to thank IT Support – he was always eager and happy to help and was ever available.
Everything ran smoothly without a glitch!
We were happy to hear a number of participants saying as a matter of fact: “Well, we hope to come here next year again then.”
Thanks a million – we thoroughly enjoy your conference services.

Evely Rebane
TK Täienduskeskus OÜ
Management Board Member 

Dear Laura!
On behalf of TK Täienduskeskus OÜ I would like to express our gratitude to our Sales Manager Laura, commending her for her outstanding work. Training courses organized by us always receive exceedingly positive feedback from participants.
Everything invariably runs smoothly and satisfaction is guaranteed!
When it comes to Laura, it is safe to say there are no unresolved situations – there are situations that she will resolve.
Laura is an excellent cooperation partner in organizing a wide variety of events.
I would also like to commend Leidi whose congenial and helpful manner is certain to solve even the most difficult of situations.
Strand enjoys outstanding service quality and we are overjoyed to have found the best possible cooperation partner!

Mari Suurväli
University of Tartu Pärnu College
Project Manager of the University of the Third Age

Dear Laura!
We would like to express our gratitude to your team and of course to You personally!
It was very easy and pleasant to organise any event with you, no matter how hard and complicated it was!
After the ceremony, I heard only satisfied and praising comments.
We thank You and Your entire enthousiastic team!
There is a lot to learn from you on event organisation. Thank you!
When sitting at the coffee table with the council, everyone was also extremely pleased.
So once again, thanks for the constructive cooperation!

Kairi Jõekäär
Double jubilee (theme party)

Dear Laura,
We had the best party! Sincere thanks to you, Laura, that despite of the constant additional wishes and changes, you were extremely patient and helpful in planning and preparing the whole event! Also, many thanks to everyone who helped to prepare the room and the technological devices, and to the personnel of the restaurant for preparing delicious dishes and the ladies at the bar who were busy making cocktails for us throughout the party, etc., etc.! Everything was super nice and the feedback from the guests has been utterly positive!
The disco ball-shaped cocktail glasses created the special wow-effect and brought smiles to our faces – these were super cool and perfectly matched the topic of our party!
Again, thank you and all the caring family of the personnel of Strand!
Best wishes,
Kairi & Kardo Jõekäär

Daisi Sprenk
Consultant for non-profit associations
Pärnu County Inspiration and Gratitude Day

Your services, people, and approach are truly professional and of premium quality. One can rely on you without having to worry about anything to do with tasks entrusted to you. Super cool. You quickly find the best solution and do so also in the case of problematic issues (just like with what happened with our schedule and cake). Thank you!

Mari Suurväli
University of Tartu Pärnu College | University of the Dignified

A big thank you to your vigorous team for TERRIFIC arrangements for our assembly – everything went really, really well!
Please say thank you so much from all of us to your entire team!

Jaanek Hermet

Thank you so much for having us.
Everyone really enjoyed the two days we stayed. Much like your services, the weather was superb! ;)
The food was delicious: everyone commented on how tasty all of the food was.
We had everything we required in the conference room and everything functioned well.
Whenever we plan to have a meeting in Pärnu, Strand continues to be my first choice; I have used your services for many years now, also to arrange for meetings for my previous employer.
Thank you very much and see you soon!

Külli Martinson
Head of Pärnu Ülejõe kindergarten
Family Day at the Pärnu Ülejõe kindergarten

On behalf of the organisers, I would like to thank everyone at your organisation we had the pleasure of meeting with and who contributed to the success of this event. Everyone was friendly, helpful and most attentive making sure that the event would go smoothly. We are very pleased with the event and I am sure we will remain your client in future as well.

Pille Sadrak
Republic of Estonia Veterinary and Food Board

We were more than satisfied with the seminar service you provided. We had everything we wanted. On the first day, an IT specialist was right there to help us set up the computer connections required so as to be able to show presentations on a screen. All the coffee/tea breaks had been arranged to be ready on time and our varying head count had been taken note of appropriately. Communication during the organizational period prior to the actual conference was also pleasant and professional (both by phone and e-mail): we presented our wish list, you took it into account, and made an offer. Also, we were happy with the catering - everything was delicious. Anyone (Strand staff) we came into contact with was helpful and kind. It felt like everyone was doing their best to make sure that we as guest have a good time. Thank you so much!

Aika Kaukver
Pärnu City Government
Head of the Department of Social Welfare
Annual Conference of Welfare Services 2016

Strand is very suitable for organizing a conference with nearly 300 participants in Pärnu. Strand has conference rooms of various sizes, comprehensive technical preparedness and support, catering and an accommodation option. With the annual conference of welfare services, it was not until the last phase of the preparations when it became clear that there would be considerably more participants than initially planned, which is why both the division of rooms, as well as catering had to be reorganized quickly. In cooperation with the competent staff of Strand, we managed to quickly make all the necessary changes and find both a suitable room solution and convenient catering option. In addition, we got the last-minute idea of doing an online video broadcast of the conference and again, Strand’s IT support was prepared to discuss different options and offer the best solutions at any given moment. The feedback sheets of the conference revealed that the participants were extremely satisfied with the organization – with the rooms, technical solutions, catering, as well as accommodation. I am fully convinced that Strand will also be our partner in the future.

Jana Plume
Merrild Baltics SIA
Marketing Assistant

Everything was excellent! Productive meeting, cozy rooms (beds and pillows and view), excellent breakfast! The weather and the town and so on and so on... all very satisfied with the trip.

Leili Sägi
Russian Gymnasium
Media Camp organizer

Arriving for our pre-booking visit to review the rooms and conditions on site, we received a most attentive welcome, and the staff was willing to accommodate our smallest of requests.

On the morning of the Russian Gymnasium-Koidula Gymnasium joint media seminar, we were enthralled by the tastefully prepared Jurmala assembly hall. Tables were positioned based on the number of students, the white tablecloths and apple basket centerpieces given to us as a gift but added to the festive feeling. The microphone and presentation equipment functioned impeccably. The students liked the snacks served with coffee and tea, and the students as well as our guests only had praising comments about the dinner menu.

As a repetitive participant in the Union of Estonian Foreign Language Teachers’ seminars at Strand I knew to expect quality service – that is why we chose Strand.

Heli Tooman
Head of the Department of Tourism, UT Pärnu College
President of EUHOFA 50. Congress

The hotel for the congress in Pärnu was Strand SPA & Conference Hotel. The expectations of the delegates to the congress were, in addition to a high-level academic program, also concerned with high expectations to the conference hotel, including the accommodations, catering and service. In previous years, the Euhofa congress has mostly only taken place at five-star hotels and therefore it was very pleasant to hear positive feedback and gratitude to Strand SPA & Conference Hotel from the delegates of the congress. As the main organizer of the congress, I can only praise the professionalism, readiness to serve, flexibility and cooperation of the employees of the hotel. The hotel took all our special requests about the accommodation, catering, room design and service into account and the success of the congress was supported in every way. We are sincerely thankful and are already planning new events at Strand SPA & Conference Hotel. In the name of Pärnu college, I recommend Strand SPA & Conference Hotel as a cooperative, knowledgeable and quality-oriented partner and service provider.

Külliki Seire
AS Wendre, Human Resources and Training Manager

We have cooperated with Strand for a long time already – since the beginning of the year 2000. We organize a fair number of training courses every year, for some of them we also use Strand’s help. The cooperation with Strand has gone very professionally and pleasantly through the years. Agreements are adhered to, they think along based on our needs and the service is on a good level. The large Jurmala hall of Strand is one of the few in Pärnu where most of our team fits. It’s also possible to use the Jurmala hall as different rooms or several nearby rooms can be used at once – for a conference, coffee break, wardrobe etc. Regarding the conference rooms, the location is definitely important, including the good parking opportunities which are an advantage of Strand. Various additional options are also definitely a big advantage, especially for people who aren’t from Pärnu. We recommend the Strand conference rooms to people who organize conferences and seminars, also to those who are looking for a suitable place to celebrate a company event. We will definitely keep using Strand’s services in the future.

Marge Eelmaa
Marketingi Instituut, Training Manager

Regarding training courses, seminars and events, our cooperation with Strand has lasted for nearly 10 years now. Over the recent years we have organized seminars and training courses all over Estonia and have learned the country well in that time. In Pärnu, we’ve time and again conducted our trainings and seminars at the Strand conference center. It’s easy to get to Strand and parking is conveniently right in front of the door. Clients can find the hotel easily and if they wish, they can have dinner, stay for the night and visit a nightclub. Strand’s beautiful view should also be pointed out! As a positive extreme experience, the house’s peculiar architecture can be mentioned – there’s always this small chance of getting lost in there. Strand’s conference halls are very good for conducting seminars and trainings. The latest sweet surprise was an energy plate with apples in our training room. The equipment is modern and in working order, wireless internet works wonderfully and supporting personnel is always nearby and helping if necessary, quick solutions are found to problems on spot. To get the feeling of Pärnu resort town, we recommend organizing an event at Strand!

Donald-Aik Sild
MAD Meeskonnatreeningute Agentuur OÜ, trainer, owner

Meeskonnatreeningute Agentuur MAD has cooperated with Strand since 2003. MAD organizes an average of 2-3 trainings a week. We can say that in the years 2006-2007 Strand was often our first choice of preference when choosing the location. We rate our cooperation with Strand as generally good. The choice of conference rooms is very diverse, we have used all rooms available – both the large halls and cozier meeting rooms. The large halls have good acoustics; the small halls are good for group work. For us, Strand’s ability to offer the customers full service is of great importance. Comfortable accommodation, enjoyable food and relaxing opportunities at the SPA are highly important in an intensive training. We especially recommend the Strand conference rooms to other training companies that appreciate the chance to offer their clients full service. We gladly come to the conference center with our clients and hope that the cooperation between MAD and Strand improves even more.

Jana Rikberg
Vain&Partners, Head of Customer Service

We have cooperated with Strand since 2003. We organize seminars 2-3 times a year on average and so far we’ve had very pleasant cooperation with Strand. Strand always meets us halfway there and prepares the hall according to our wishes. We usually use the largest, Jurmala hall and so far it’s always met our expectations. The additional values offered by the hotel have a great importance, as a person is out of routine when coming to the training and can enjoy the participation at the meeting 100%. We recommend Strand’s conference rooms to everyone who conducts conferences and also definitely plan to use Strand’s conference center in the future ourselves.

Eda Amur
Pärnu Hospital Foundation, Communication Specialist

We’ve cooperated with Strand repeatedly since 2006. Pärnu hospital gets a fair number of seminars and trainings every month but in Strand we’ve conducted bigger seminars in particular, the ones with more people and specialists from across Estonia. Every year we definitely organize a few bigger events in Strand, plus events that are planned ahead less.

We’ve primarily used the Jurmala hall, as that fits the most people. The location of conference rooms is definitely important, especially if the event takes place within the workweek – in that case you don’t have to drive far. The options of accommodation and catering aren’t any less important. I rate the cooperation with Strand as very good so far. As the biggest additional value, I’d name the complexity of the service and considering the client’s wishes, and the fact that they always think along and look for the best solutions. I’d recommend the Strand conference rooms to people who are conducting larger training courses and why not also for celebrating formal events of companies. We will definitely also use the Strand conference center in the future.

Endrik Randoja

If I’m not mistaken, we began cooperating with Strand in 2005 when we conducted the Sales Management Annual Conference there. Those conferences took place in Strand a few times and starting from 2007 we’ve organized the Headmasters Annual Conference in Strand in cooperation with the Estonian Headmasters Association – the biggest meeting of comprehensive school headmasters, kindergarten headmasters and education officials in Estonia, with more than 400 people taking part. I organize 5-6 larger conferences per year and one of them has traditionally been done in Strand. We primarily use the largest, Jurmala hall, but we’ve also used the auditorium. The advantage of Jurmala hall is in its size and high ceilings. The location of the hall is pretty comfortable, the conference equipment in good working order and there are also good conditions for interpreters. An additional value of the Strand conference center is definitely the optimal size of the halls and the option of booking the entire house for a big conference. The flexible and helpful staff is also important.

Our conference in Strand is traditionally organized in February, which is off-season in Pärnu, therefore there’s fairly little to do in the town. Therefore it’s developed so that the conference guests actually spend most of their time in Strand, using the opportunities they offer.

I recommend the Strand conference rooms to everyone who plans to conduct a 400-participant conference or other event, during which the guests also need accommodation. We definitely plan to also use the Strand conference center in the future.

Meelis Kopli
Corporate Conferences, Manager

My first contact with Strand was about ten years ago. I’ve maintained regular contact with them and also visited the hotel occasionally, and talked to sales and marketing people with the aim of keeping myself up to date with what’s happening in Strand.

Strand’s conference halls have met both my needs and those of my clients so far, I’ve mostly used the Jurmala hall. One of the biggest advantages in Strand is definitely the large and multifunctional hall with integrated interpreting booths, a sound and engineering stand, and additional equipment and lighting is also easily integrated if necessary. If you’re organizing a bigger conference, you’ll as a rule also need parallel halls, Strand has them and that’s significant.

Pärnu is one of the most attractive towns in Estonia and I believe that if people who organize conferences are looking for alternatives for Tallinn, Pärnu will be given serious consideration as one location, and this is where Strand is definitely a competitive and considerable place for organizing conferences. As for additional values, that largely depends on the concept of the conference and the contents of the program, but it’s definitely important that the organizer of the conference be able to offer the client some entertainment after a long and tiring intellectual discussion and Strand has created all opportunities for that. I have personally had a very pleasant and efficient cooperation with Strand. I guess our work is mostly about communication and when your business partner is a professional, committed, motivated, friendly, and respects the client, the cooperation can’t be anything but good. I believe that the chances for cooperation will be more frequent in the future and we’ll be able to be a useful and valuable cooperation partner for Strand. We recommend the Strand conference rooms both for companies in the private sector and for the public sector civil services/ministries.