The sunny city of Pärnu has been a well-known resort for 175 years already, and since year 1996 the city also bears the title of the Summer Capital of Estonia. Pärnu always has something extraordinary to offer its visitors: the warm sea and the hot sands of its beach have enjoyed international recognition throughout years. In addition to the resort fame, Pärnu is also well known as an ancient Hanseatic town and a port city. Pärnu has an air of openness and freedom from worries; at the same time, the coastal city gives a solitary vacationer the option to spend some time alone.

Many of the cultural events taking place in Pärnu have become annual traditions. The people and visitors of Pärnu love theatre, take part in sports events and enjoy good open-air events. The lush green parks are a good place for walks, picnics and just resting.

In winter the ice-covered sea offers a spectacular view of speeding ice-boats and ice-surfers, and the Pärnu River is full of hobby fishers coming from near and far.

The surroundings of Pärnu have lots of enjoyable nature and many other possibilities for recreation, from horse-riding and hunting trips to moor hikes.

 Presentation of Pärnu