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Pets are cute and integral part of the family. Pets are very welcome in our hotel, and we expect pet owners to respect other customers in the accommodation as well.

The pet fee is 20€ for the night. The price includes pet accommodation in a standard room (pets are not allowed in the junior suite, admiral suite and marine deluxe). For all the guests with a pet, we offer accommodation on the first floor of the hotel. When booking a hotel room, please notify us of your pet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling +372 447 5389.


Dear pet owner!

1. Please bring your pet's bedding and food and drink container to the hotel. Personal bedding gives the animal a more homely and safer feeling.

2. When a pet has their toy with them, it is easier for them to be in an unfamiliar environment.

3. If your pet has a habit of climbing on the bed and sofas, bring a blanket you can place on the hotel furniture and on the bed to prevent damage and soiling of the hotel equipment.

4. Please do not leave your pet alone in the room for a long time. However, if you have to leave the animal alone in the room, be sure not to let your pet out of the room or disturb other customers with their voice.

5. Put "I'm with a friend" sign on the door of the hotel room outside (available at the reception), then customers and room service can take this into account.

6. Allow enough time for the pet to walk outside in the meantime. Please note that pets are only allowed to move on the hotel grounds on a leash.

7. If it is raining, the owner should also carry a cloth to remove most of the dirt from the paws.

8. Throughout the stay, the pet owner will always pick up his or her pet's stools both outdoors and indoors. We kindly ask you to use small plastic bags that can be closed properly. Please dispose of the used bags in the trash can in front of the hotel.

9. Pets are not allowed to visit our restaurant or spa and sauna center (incl. outdoor terrace of the spa).

10. Stools that are not pick up outdoors and indoors will result in a fine up to € 100 for the pet owner. 

11. If the pet owner does not check-in his or her pet, it will result in a fine up to € 100 for the pet owner.