Fee-charging additional services




Extra person:

0-3 year-old in parents' room free
4-11 year-old in parents' room   EUR 20/night Jan 1-Jun 26 & Aug 12 - Dec 31
EUR 25/night Jun 27 -Aug 11
12 year-olds and older EUR 30/night Jan 1-Jun 26 & Aug 12 - Dec 31
EUR 35/night Jun 27 -Aug 11
Pets (if compatible rooms are available) EUR 25/night
Use of safe EUR 2/night
Late check-out EUR 7/hour


Add breakfast EUR 14
Add breakfast for a child (4-12 yrs) EUR 8
Room service fee EUR 9


Slippers at the reception; flip flops at the spa  EUR 1,5 
Sending a fax  0.06 EUR per page
Printing and copying 0.06 EUR per page
Laundry services, ironing, and dry cleaning separate price list
Pre-booked seamstress/tailor services  separate price list
Pre-booked bicycle rental separate price list
Pre-booked transfer services separate price list
Caravan site (rear parking lot)
€25 1 night

Free additional services

Pre-booked baby cots
Extra pillow or blanket
Selection of pillow types
Daily change of towels
Bedding change after every three days (2 nights)
Use of sewing kit
Walking pole rental
Delivery of theater and concert tickets (subject to pre-booking) 
Booking a cab 

General information

Our hotel is non-smoking. A special smoking room is located on the 0-floor of the hotel.  
Children's play area is unsupervised and is situated on the hotel's 1st floor.
The Internet point is situated on the hotel's main floor. WIFI is available throughout the hotel. 
Hotel guests enjoy free parking in the hotel's unsupervised parking lot. 
The hotel accepts the following credit cards:
VISA, American Express, Euro/MasterCard, and local bank cards 
Items left at the hotel are retained for the duration of seven days. Shipping fee EUR 15