Dear Strand Spa and Conference Hotel customers!

In connection with the special situation announced in the Republic of Estonia Strand Spa and Conference hotel is closed according to the original decision until 30.04.2020.

Thank you for your understanding.We provide additional information on an ongoing basis.

Stay healthy!

If you have any questions, please contact the spa hotel reception by calling +372 44 75370 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In relation to the emergency situation declared in the Republic of Estonia, we hereby announce that the hotel is temporarily closed until the emergency situation is resolved.

We find this to be the only way in the current situation to protect our customers and staff and prevent the virus from spreading.

We kindly ask that you postpone if at all possible or cancel bookings made for the time period of March 17 - April 30, 2020. We will keep assessing the situation, making new decisions as the situation evolves, and will keep you up to date as new developments unfold.


Address by Strand in relation to the situation contingent on the spread of the Covid-19 virus

Dear Strand SPA and Conference Hotel customer!

We wish to assure you that our customers’ wellbeing is our top priority. We understand that the spread of the Covid-19 virus around the world is worrisome. We want our customers to feel safe and by way of assurance have put together an overview of measures we have taken and are taking at our hotel to stop the virus. Also look below for information on terms and conditions applicable to changing of bookings.

Changing your booking starting from March 13, 2020

Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, our customers have a lot of questions, calling for greater flexibility in terms of already existing and future travel plans and bookings. Consequently, we have decided that all customers that have made an accommodation or conference booking for dates within the time period of March 13 - May 1, 2020 can, if required, change or cancel their booking free of charge. Until the end of the emergency situation, we will accept last minute cancellations and changes without applying any fines and/or cancellation charges. All changed/postponed bookings will be subject to the terms and conditions and prices that applied when the booking was originally made.

In cooperation with our partners, we guarantee that we will return all prepayments and waive any cancellation charges for orders that are cancelled due to the emergency situation declared as a result of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We ask for your understanding and patience regarding handling of order cancellations and returning of prepaid amounts as resulting from the situation we are receiving a tremendous amount of queries and cancellations, responding to all of which will take time.

As relevant incoming information flow and the number of questions is sizeable, responding to queries related to particular cases will take longer than usual. By reference to above, we ask you to make sure that before contacting us you have considered as a possible solution changing and rescheduling your order/booking and have done all you can in our relevant online environment if your original booking was made online.

Our staff will be kept informed as the situation unfolds as relating to the latest instructions by the Republic of Estonia Health Board and the government. We are ready to respond quickly, should the situation change.

Hopefully, all of the changes mentioned above will make you feel more secure in making your plans. We believe that it is in time of crisis that cooperation and the willingness to give and take are the most important aspects in finding solutions. As always, we look forward to welcoming you back once this crisis has been successfully resolved!

We wish to personally thank you for your understanding and assure you that we are doing all in our power to solve issues caused by the situation in the best possible way, with your wellbeing as our first priority.


Respectfully, Your Strand Spa and Conference Hotel Team